Thursday, 29 January 2009

Review of issue 23

First review of issue 23 can be found here. Thanks Annie

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Issue 23 Out Now!

Issue 23 of Jupiter 'Kalyke' is out now! This issue features 6 stories. The Weight of Shadows by Lee Moan, The Darken loop by Huw Langridge (this is a standalone prequel to Huws story The Ceres Configuration which was featured way back in issue 4), Thicker Than Water by Ian Sales, The Rule of Law by Elaine Graham-Leigh (not a prequel as such, but set earlier in the same universe as her story The Blue Man's Burden from issue 18), Notes from the Apocalypse by Michael Pepper and finally a short The Bridge of the Compass Rose by John Rogers. Lee supplied the cover to go along side his story, one very tallented guy! Overall I think this is another strong issue.