Friday, 11 September 2015

The end is nigh!

The next issue of Jupiter will be the big 50. It’s also the last consecutively named of Jupiter’s moons. For some reason the IAU has named the 50th moon as Herse, and left the rest currently unnamed, except for Dia (#53). I’d previously announced that issues of Jupiter beyond 50 will simply be named ‘Jupiter’. Well I’m now announcing that the 50th issue will also be the last. Perhaps not for ever, but certainly for the time being.
I've greatly enjoyed the last 1 2 and a bit years, but I need a break. I think Jupiter needs a break from me as well. Family life has reduced the time I can commit to running Jupiter and as such it’s been pushed and squeezed, and quite frankly it deserves better. Our authors deserve better and you our readers deserve better. I intend to take a break from the slush pile, spend time reading science fiction because I enjoy it, and fall in love with the genre all over again. I’m going to stop taking new subscriptions and for a limited period will price the final issue at subscription pricing so you don’t miss out.
Obviously where subscribers have subs extending beyond issue 50, money will be returned.
That’s enough from me, get on and read the stories!

Issue 49 out now!

Sorry for the delay, 4 great stories "Stripped" by David Cleden, "Anthilion’s Eyes" by Jack Schouten, "Mods" by Jude Jones and "Alien Abduction" by Rik Hunik. Cover by David Conyers.