Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Jupiter 32 : Eurydome reviewed

SFcrowsnest have just published the first review of issue 32.

Seems fairly complimentary of everything.

You can read it here:

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Product Placement by Nicola Caines

It seems that a formatting issue crept into a small section of Nicola Caines' story is issue 32. The fault was entirely mine, and whilst the error is small, I recognize it may well have interrupted the flow of the piece for some.

I'm very thankful to Nicola who has allowed me to publish her story here so if you want to, you can read the piece a little more easily.

The error was all mine for which I can only apologize.



By Nicola Caines

“Hello, and welcome to ‘News and Views’.” The presenter, impeccably groomed, flashed a smile to camera. ”It’s 8.00am. on 25th February, 2030. I’m Lorraine Hill and my guests today are Feverell Marsh, Managing Director of Snuggle Food Products, the Hon. John Tripper MP, junior health minister, and Dr Marisa Coleman of the Food Safety Executive.