Thursday, 2 July 2009

Jupiter 25 on its way

Well July is here, so for all you looking out for Jupiter 25, it should be popping through your letter box soon. UK folks in the next few days, Hopefully our international readers shouldn't be too far behind. Thanks again to all our contributors.



Huw Langridge said...

Really enjoying Jupiter SF 25 so far. I've read "Radio Free" and "The Oracle". Both are great and I'm looking forward to working my way through the rest of the stories. It's taking a bit longer than usual. Time is swallowed up with nappy changes, bottle feeding and catching up on lost sleep!

Ian Redman said...

I don't need any comments about time being taken up by nappy changes etc. I'm ignoring that concept for now...

Comments on the stories I greatly received however. Seriously, getting feedback is great, every issue I publish I generally feel is rubbish. I think by that point I've read the stories so many times I see all their flaws and forget the enjoyment I got when I first read them. So thanks for the encouragement!