Thursday, 10 December 2009

Recently accepted stories

Thought I should update you with some of the stories I've accepted recently.

The Earth Beneath my Feet by James Lecky - a wonderful romantic vision of future space travel (of a sort). This piece should be published in July (issue 29)

Swimming in the Fastwarm Current by Lee Russell - A great speculative piece looking at the future for life on Earth. Should be in our next issue (January)

Oil on Canvas by Nigel Fisher - Also due in July. A space travellers tale of communication between species.

22nd Century Genie by Simon Kewin - Hunting for the Beetles, due April (issue 28)

The Colour Seven by Tim Miller - Also issue 28. An imaginative tale set during a long drawn out war.

Reading through this list of stories I've accepted, my really excited about them all - Some great issues of Jupiter coming up!


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