Monday, 24 August 2009

The Steel Remains

Just finished reading this from Richard Morgan. A departure from his usual SF, but very definitely a Morgan book. I've read a good bit of Fantasy in my time, in my younger days I was a bit of a Stephen Lawhead fan, so swords and mythical creatures read just fine to me. And this book was great, at times a bit disturbing, and not exactly pretty, but Richard is just so good at description and making it feel like you really know your characters, that this is a winner for me. Heard today that the sequel is on the way, which is only a good thing, Richard has created a wonderful world here, perhaps not the best story line, but with writing like this, that doesn't matter, you're there on that battlefield seeing the blood flash up across your face. This is writing that grips and pulls you along with it.
Good stuff Richard, just hope you haven't abandoned SF altogether, though the Kiriath technology helped me feel at home.

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