Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Jupiter XXIV: Iocaste reviewed in The Fix

Finally after several years of trying, The Fix has reviewed an issue of Jupiter.
David Hebblethwaite (not a stranger to Jupiter, he reviewed issue 14 for Whispers of Wickedness) takes up the challenge of issue 24.
Of Black Water (David Conyers) Hebblethwaite writes "Conyers is pretty good at evoking his future, in particular by dropping in telling little details that hint at broader goings-on outside the frame of the narrative."
Sides of the Coin (Gustavo Bondoni) is "a kind of techno-magical warfare reminiscent of computer games"
He describes Our Man in Herrje (Andrew Knighton) "beneath the humour is an interesting examination of the difficulties of relating to cultures very different from our own; and a question for each of us – how much of what we say or think, even to ourselves"
The Ninth Circle (A.J. Kirby) "is an interesting story which I’m not sure I fully understood, but found engaging nonetheless."
If You Can't Beat Them (James McCormick) is "a story which is lightweight and fun"
And finally Dog's Best Friend (Gareth D. Jones) "ends the magazine on a poignant and thoughtful note"

I'm happy with all that, I wonder what The Fix will make of Erinome


David Conyers said...

Thanks for the news Ian. Always nice to be reviewed by The Fix.

Huw Langridge said...

Great to see The Fix reviewing Jupiter.

Ian Redman said...

Yeah, been trying to get a review in there for a while now, hopefully this will be the first of many.

David said...

Glad to see the review has been so well-received. Cheers!