Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Prador Moon

By Neal Asher. Finished reading this yesterday. Probably the shortest SF book I've read for a while. Normally I look for the thickest spines I can for my books (I'm a particular fan of Peter F. Hamilton's) but due to the impending arrival of my son/daughter I thought I'd pick something I was fairly sure of finishing. Despite its size, Neal did great things with this book, he quickly created a world which seemed very possible, and aliens that would pretty much be my worst nightmare - all I could think of was giant cockroaches! Anyway, a good book about humans winning despite overwhelming odds against them with lots of action explosives and spaceships. To be honest, pretty much everything I could ask for from a short novel!
Its particularly nice to read a Asher novel, as many many years ago I published a story of his in my previous magazine Zest. It's nice to see people you knew way back have had all that hard work pay off.

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