Saturday, 19 September 2009

Issue 26 (Isonoe) nearly here...

Four stories this issue, 3 from authors we've published before.
The Space Sphinx by Edward Rodosek follows a reporter seeking to uncover the mystery of the 'Sphinx' on a colony world.
The Octagon by David Conyers looks at the future of reality tv gameshows.
Cold Pressure by Rosie Oliver takes us on ocean voyage over a future earth.
Lastly In the Shadows of Hemera by Will Styler (our new author) is a moving piece looking at future space exploration.
We also have a short poem by G. O. Clake and the cover image (which I'll post later) is by Michael King.

Another good issue I think.

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David Conyers said...

Great to hear. Can't wait to see the cover.