Friday, 9 October 2009

Issue 26 on it's way...

Jupiter issue 26 should be on its way to subscribers in the next week or so... Hopefully Royal Mail won't strike and you'll actually get them then too!


Zeitgeist said...

Hey I just subscribed to Jupiter and have already torn my way through 25 and am onto 26. I was actually quite suprised by the quality and just wanted to mention (although they were all good) how much I enjoyed Radio Free and Dusting Tycho.

Rod Slatter said...

It would be interesting to get a discussion going wouldn't it? So here's some thoughts on issue 26.

I thought The Space Sphinx needed a serious proof-read. It needed to address the human/cat transformation mechanism, and the setting needed to be more interesting than Earth with exotic names for things. I didn’t think the frame structure achieved anything.

I thought The Octagon was a worthy attack on a genuine social problem and I liked it for that. I liked the characters, and the dialogue that helped define and differentiate them. I felt that the speculative core – the Octagon and the geoshades – was not as impressive.

I don’t normally understand sf poetry, but for what it’s worth, The New Frontier at least made sense to me. It successfully presented a coherent idea.

Cold Pressure was my favourite in this issue. I thought the characters were credible, the plot pretty much held together without unnecessary complexity, and the ideas seemed genuinely speculative and informed. Maybe the characters could have been given a bit more time to fall in love…?

I thought the basic idea of The Shadows Of Hemera was good. A hidden hint early on as to the existence of the daughter could have made the ending more satisfying. I’m also not sure the framing structure helped, as it meant that Hill didn’t actually interact with other characters in live action, which maybe tended to put distance between the events and the reader.