Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jupiter issue 31

Issue 31: Aitne has been out for a month or so now, but i haven't yet posted about it here.

This issue contains 5 great stories, High Tide by Kate Kelly, Needle Mouth by Alexander Hay, For Love by Gregory McColm, Conscience and the Commodore by Neil Clift and My Soul to Keep by S H Hughes. Alessio Zanelli provides some poetry and that great cover is by Daniel Graffenberger.

Hope you've enjoyed your copy.



Scott said...

Just finished reading this issue and I really enjoyed it. Going to recommend to my friends as the stories were interesting and entertaining. This is also the first issue that I have read but It wont be my last.

My thanks to all those who put the work into making this.


Ian Redman said...

Thanks Scott, glad to hear you enjoyed the magazine.

All the best,