Monday, 21 February 2011

Reviews of issue 30 (and 29)

Been a bit late with these but Jupiter has received some more good reviews from the usual places.

Rich Horton for sfsite says "I think the April issue, Autonoe (XXVIII), is one of the strongest numbers of this magazine to date." and sums up his review of issue 29 and 30 with "Jupiter remains a consistent little magazine"..."Worth a look." Full review with comments on all the stories can be found here:

Sam at SFrevu says "some more very good stories" Full review here:

Finally Rod at SFcrowsnet ends with the compliment "I've been reading ‘Jupiter’ for some time now and always looking forward to the next edition, I'm pleasantly surprised by each new batch of stories. If you haven't tried this magazine yet I would urge you to do so." Full review here:


Colum said...

Do you have any plans to make Jupiter available as .pdf or .html paid downloads?

Just seems a good idea to me! Less waiting time.

Ian Redman said...

Hi Colum,

pdf copies of Jupiter are currently available as a four issue subscription from

Perhaps I should consider a low cost single issue download?


Colum said...

If it's do-able within a budget, it might be worth it? Especially for the 'Rest of the World' people. I was just thinking that the time and money and possiblity of lost mail might be prohibitive to those living in the back of beyond ('back-of-beyond' from my own euro-centric viewpoint).

I don't know, I just bought some back-issues and felt that, after I've read them, they're just going to hang about, you know?

Another thing that occurs to me, is podcasts. There's site out there that you might no of called 'cossmass infinities' that does podcasts (did one of my stories). The guy who runs it is on his back with an illness right now, but he's expected to recover! I was thinking that, outside of interzone, British SF is basically you, him, and Hub magazine. Maybe you should get talking. Some of the older stories in jupiter could get a new lease of life if Paul@cossmass likes them, and I'm sure the authors would be delighted by an offer to podcast their work (or they might not be, in which case it's there loss). In an interview recently you said that many of the authors whom you thought had talent just 'faded away', but something like being on a podcast might jolt them into writing again.

Just thinking it's a way to get something out of your 'back catalog'.